Here is a photo of the weir, where  this huge shark got tangled  a few days after having been set free by the fisherman who owns it. .  . .

My littles are playing at low tide on the sand flats . . .

The weir is fished at low  tide . . .but here today there are no fish in the weir . . ..it is happening more and more often . . .NO HERRING . . .

Schools of fish,usually herring, swim down the coast and into this cove then along the net set in from shore into a round  net with only one opening.
Once in the net  the fish swim  in figure  eight , and usually don't find the opening again.

 Such is what sadly happened to the shark in the last post until it was shown the way out by the fishermen . . . .only to swim back into the weir 4 days later . . . .. 

These weirs are a way of life here for the fishermen . . . .but . . . sadly  I fear  then end is drawing close. . . as I can hear large trawlers (costing  $1,000,00 each) trawling down the coastline, usually around midnight  . . . .
They take everything from the ocean into their huge  ships leaving nothing for the local fishermen using the weirs for generations . .

The herring are now few and far between . . . .since the spawning grounds are at the head of the Bay of Fundy and the trawlers go there and catch all the herring . . .not much left to swim down the coast  and into a little weir here  in the cove . . .
a sad  result of our Canadian Government  not taking care of the little guy . . but letting GREED RULE . . .same old story  .. 

It used to be just the cod fish -now its ALL fish . . ..
oh,last week they caught a TUNA in the weir . .. . the sale of which could feed  lots of people around here  all year . . .but . .. 
 you have to have a licence (costs mega $$)- to catch tuna , so he got put back into the sea . . .I suppose only to be caught by the large trawler  in a few days . .. 

Well they do catch Squid here by the millions . . .but no one here  seems to know how to cook  them  . . . . so they are put back into the ocean  . .. 

Having a french mother in law ,I learn't long ago how to cook and serve these petit colamar  . . .
so cooking lessons are in session up at the cabin  . . .

Perhaps the weir will still be there when I return home next summer?
One can only hope at this point . . . .


  1. What those trawlers and huge factory ships do is truly a crime. I'm saddened by your story.


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