A USEFUL RUG for FRONT DOOR MUDDY FEET

This seems like a better spot for all those leftover worms that hang about filling endless bags  for heaven knows when they might be needed!

Just get a piece of backing  organized and fill it as strips are welcomed into the left over pile!

Seems easy enough and a no-brainer rug will be underway!always ready for a mindless hook at a hookin . . . .
I can never take  my more creative rugs as I can not hook and talk  ! So this  is perfect on all fronts!


  1. Great idea Judith as I also find it difficult to concentrate on a creative rug and talk at the same time in group meetings!

  2. Love the rug but probably wouldn't want muddy feet on something so beautiful. I always choose more mindless projects when I'm with friends. Thanks for sharing.


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