This cooler weather brings out all the winter preparations around our home. . . . and here I share a couple of  Kitchen scenes  . . .. 
Maud Lewis Kitchen and her wood stove 
with  a very Nova Scotia style rug in front.

My Kitchen stove in Quebec with my great grandmothers rug in front.It was hooked in Nova Scotia about 24 miles from Maud's House outside Digby. . .but most likely 50 years before Maud lived in her little house.


  1. Judith: Thank you so much for this posting. I have just looked up Maud Lewis and learned a wee bit about her. What an inspiration. I love the photos you posted, both hers and yours. You have such a keen eye for the wonderful.

  2. Yes. . .Maud is Canada's Grandma Moses !I knew her as a child and would be taken to visit her every summer as I also loved to paint . . . .Thanks for your comment Taos!


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